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Microsoft IT Pro Townhall Event Invitation

by Harley Stagner on April 17, 2007

So, I got invited by Microsoft to attend an IT Pro Townhall Event. This is a panel discussion with many Microsoft Executives, including Steve Ballmer. I was one of the approximately 50 IT Professionals invited to Redmond, WA for the event. I arrived at 11PM Pacific and was too tired to post last night. My original flight with an arrive time of 2:20 PM got cancelled as we were heading out to the runway (long story :( ) Anyway, I am here now and I am looking forward to the event tomorrow. Topics of discussion will include upcoming virtualization and web technologies (two of my favorites). Dinner at a local winery is also being provided by Microsoft. I will probably post more about the meeting tomorrow (barring any NDA requirements ;) ). For now, I am going to check out Bellevue. It’s actually not raining outside and my hotel has a great view of the hills in Bellevue, WA.

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