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Microsoft IT Pro Townhall Event: What Next Time?

by Harley Stagner on May 1, 2007

So, the Microsoft IT Pro Townhall event has come and gone.  It was what it was.  Some discussions were good, some bad, and some ugly.  So, what did Microsoft do right?

  • They invited us to the event and fed us ;)
  • They had good topics for discussion
  • The non-Microsoft panelists did an excellent job
  • John R. Rymer did an excellent job as the discussion moderator

And what could be improved?

  • Perhaps break the discussions up into those who are interested in the particular topic, or…
  • Have the event (discussions) last all day, not just until 2:30PM.  Maybe till 6PM and then dinner
  • Have attendees send questions to the panelists ahead of time so we get more thoughtful answers from Microsoft
  • Have a couple of Microsoft engineers or developers on the panel for a more in depth discussion

Overall, I like the idea of the IT Pro Townhall event.  I think it represents a great opportunity for the IT Pro Community and Microsoft to learn from each other.  Maybe Microsoft will take some of these suggestions and apply them to the next event.

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