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VCDX Enterprise Admin Notes: Objective 2.3

by Harley Stagner on January 9, 2010

This VCDX exam note covers Objective 2.3 . This is a relatively short objective and much of the material has been covered in previous posts. So let’s dive in.

Define Configuration Options for VMKernel Ports: Peer DNS

While I have never used this option, it is my understanding that peer dns is used when you are using DHCP (which should not happen in production) to give the IP information to a vmkernel NIC. It is used to gather the DNS from the DHCP server. What I do not know is what parameters the -P or --peerdns options takes. Does anyone out there know this?

  • esxcfg-vmknic -P
  • esxcfg-vmknic --peerdns

MTU and TSO have already been covered in a previous post.

Understand VMKernel Routing

Well, the VMKernel doesn’t actually do any routing. I believe the objective is to understand how to set up the routing table (default gateway, etc.) in your VMKernel. The command that you need to use is esxcfg-route.

  • esxcfg-route -l (list the current routing table)
  • esxcfg-route -a (add a specific route to the network via
  • esxcfg-route (sets as the default gateway)

Troubleshoot VMKernel Configuration Issues

  • /var/log/vmkernel (vmkernel log file)
  • /var/log/vmkwarning (a subset of the vmkernel log file that just lists warnings)

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