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VCDX Enterprise Admin Notes: Objective 2.5

by Harley Stagner on January 10, 2010

This VCDX exam note will be short and sweet. The networking section has a lot of repeated lessons (which is good :) ). The main takeaways for me in this section are:

Configure Advanced Service Console Networking: Redundant HA Heartbeat

  • There are two heartbeats that occur. Inter-node and network connectivity (Service Console default gateway by default).
  • Inter-node heartbeat occurs every 5 seconds by default
  • Network connectivity (read isolation response) heartbeat occurs every 15 seconds by default.
  • Redundant networking for HA can occur with NIC teams, a second service console, or both.
  • Advanced HA options for redundancy include:
    • das.isolationaddress (Used to set another isolation heartbeat address. You can have up to 10 using das.isolationaddressX- where X is a number 1-10)
    • das.usedefaultisolationaddress (Value is true or false. Determines if the default isolation address of the Service Console’s default gateway should be used.)
    • das.failuredetectiontime (The timeout for the host (15000 milliseconds by default) to declare another host dead when receiving no heartbeats).
    • das.failuredetectioninterval (Changes the inter-node heartbeat interval)

Configure Hostname Resolution

  • Three files
    • /etc/hosts
    • /etc/nsswitch.conf (Look for the “hosts:     files dns” entry. This determines the order of name resolution. Files then DNS).
    • /etc/resolv.conf (Nameservers and search suffix are listed in this file).

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