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Backing up the vCenter 4.x AD LDS Instance

by Harley Stagner on August 18, 2010

vCenter is one of the most important components of your vSphere 4.x virtual infrastructure. Many advanced capabilities of vSphere 4 (vMotion, DRS, etc.) are not available without vCenter. Prior to vSphere 4.x, it was sufficient to backup the vCenter database and restore vCenter by building a new vCenter server, restoring the database, and reinstalling vCenter to attach to the restored database.

With the introduction of vSphere 4.x, vCenter 4.x started using Active Directory Application Mode (ADAM) on Windows Server 2003 and Active Directory Lightweight Directory Services (AD LDS) on Windows Server 2008 to accommodate Linked Mode for vCenter. The roles and permissions are stored in the ADAM or AD LDS database. In order to restore the roles and permissions, the ADAM or AD LDS database must be backed up.

VMware KB1023985 tells you that you need to back up the SSL certificates, vCenter Database, and the ADAM/AD LDS database. There are many well-known ways to back up a SQL database. However, backing up an AD LDS instance is a lesser known procedure. The following PowerShell script will back up the the AD LDS VMware Instance on Server 2008 and the SSL folder. As always, test it thoroughly before using it. (more…)

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