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Don’t Forget to Align Your VM System Partitions

by Harley Stagner on January 30, 2009

My new article has been published at Partition alignment is often forgotten by busy administrators. However, if you forget to align your partitions, you could be missing some disk performance in your virtual infrastructure. Here is an excerpt from my latest article:

Since VMware enables you to create new virtual machines (VMs) from a template, investing the time to make performance tweaks on a single VM that will be used as a template for others can provide a noticeable system-wide performance boost. One way to gain performance is by aligning disk partitions, which enables faster disk reads. In this tip, we’ll cover how to boost overall performance from Windows-based virtual machines by aligning disk partitions for a template VM, which can then be used to create other, properly-aligned and performance-enhanced VMs.

You can read the rest of the article at Happy Reading!

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