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VMworld 2012 Live Blog of INF-VSP1168 – Architecting a Cloud Infrastructure

by Harley Stagner on August 30, 2012

This is the Live Blog of INF-VSP1168 — Architecting a Cloud Infrastructure. You’ll find my recap of the session below.

Speakers / Moderator:

  • Chris Colotti- VCDX # 37 VMware, Inc. — Moderator
  • Aidan Dalgleish — VCDX # 10 VMware, Inc.
  • Duncan Epping — VCDX #007 VMware, Inc.
  • Rawlinson Rivera VCDX #86, VMware, Inc.

This will be a panel discussion. The session begins with “Gathering Requirements”

Talk to Customers

  • Gather information and document
  • Categorize (Requirements, Nice to Have, Constraints, Assumptions
  • Conceptualize

Great advice for consultants and anyone going for the VCDX certification.

Some Example Requirements

  • Increase agility / flexibility while reducing costs
  • 99.9% Availability

Some Example Constraints

  • Hardware already acquired
  • Number of NICs dictated per server
  • Reuse existing equipment

Some Example Assumption

  • Sufficient switch ports
  • Storage can handle expected workload
  • Properly trained staff

Historical best practices

  • Understand why it is a best practice
  • It is better to put requirements first and apply the best practices to that requirement
  • Constantly evaluate best practices and question whether it still applies to newer software

Some Use Case Examples (The application comes first!)

  • Server consolidation
  • OPEX savings
  • Resource optimization
  • Standardization
  • IaaS

Conceptualize Your Design

  • Building Blocks — Operations, Time to Market, Compliance

Sizing / Scaling

  • What does the environment look like today?
  • How will size / scaling impact your Design / Project?
  • What is the use Case?

Again, all …
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