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VMworld 2012 Live Blog of OPS-CIM1926 Must Know Design Considerations for Planning Capacity When You are 50 Percent or More Virtualized

by Harley Stagner on August 30, 2012

This is the Live Blog of OPS-CIM1926 ? 5 Must Know Design Considerations for Planning Capacity When you are 50 Percent or More Virtualized. You’ll find my recap of the session below.


  • Samuel McBride — VMware, Inc.
  • Monica Sharma, VMware, Inc.

This session will discuss capacity planning. Monica Sharma is speaking now. The right management tools allow the ratio of VM per Admin to be much more efficient. We can manage more with fewer resources.

Capacity problem areas can get amplified with higher consolidation.

  • Performance Triage / Reactive Capacity Remediation — Over-commitment / Reservations tend to be common in larger environments
  • It is difficult to cross-reference multiple tools to obtain the most relevant information needed to troubleshoot
  • This leads to higher Mean Time to Resolution
  • Demand forecasting — This is all about capacity waste and stress
  • What are my used vs allocated resources?
  • Do I have the need for burst demand?
  • How can we stay ahead of demand?
  • How can we optimize efficiency …
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